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Listen to our weekly show !!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Less than impressive effort in Cards 65-51 win over GCU -- Friday Cardinal Couple

Walton's return marred by lackluster Louisville effort

A season low shooting percentage (35%). A season low point total (65). 12-22 free throw shooting and countless missed opportunities under the basket. One might even imagine the schedule got switched and the Cal game was last night...but Louisville turned in a very inconsistent effort in front of 2000 fans in Phoenix against Grand Canyon University...winning 65-51. 

Shoni Schimmel was in attendance. I kept waiting for Walz to throw her a jersey and have her report to the scorers' table.

Consider that the Cards had a 59-35 lead with seven minutes remaining...after two Mariya Moore free throws. A nice 11-0 Cardinal run over a four minute stretch that seemingly appeared to be the start to a blowout in the making. 

But the Cards weren't capable of loading up the sleigh and delivering the rest of the gifts.   

Louisville managed just one basket (a Jude Schimmel three) and three free throws the rest of the way...seeing a 24 point lead evaporate to 11 with 95 seconds remaining in the game. 

Jeff Walz didn't come out for the post-game recap with Matt Andrews on Cards Radio. Probably a lot of soul searching and dialogue going on in that visitors locker room. 

Or... he mirrored his team's performance of not finding a way to score underneath the hoop and couldn't find his way to press row. 

It is the Christmas season. Mr. Grinch (who stole Christmas) probably would have described tonight's performance as "stink, stank, stunk." 

To paraphrase the Christmas song parody...the Cardinals (not Grandma) got ran over by some antelopes (not reindeer) to end each half.  

GCU head coach Trent May
Enough of the negatives, though. It was a return to court action for junior Cortnee Walton -- who started both halves and got four points in 17 minutes of action. Good to see #13 running the floor and going to the boards. Mariya Moore carrying the Cards once again...the only UofL double figure scorer with 17 points and three threes. Seven threes total for the Cards with Jude adding two and Megan Deines and Sara Hammond with one each.

Louisville never trailed...jumping out to a 14-7 lead after five minutes of action. The Cards went up by 12 after Moore's first trifecta to lead 25-13 with 7:20 left in the first half. Moore canned another three to make it 28-16 at the 5:38 mark. Any hopes of a first half blow out ended, though, when the Antelopes outscored the Cards 8-4 the rest of the way. 

32-24 at the intermission. Moore had 10 to lead all scorers and Louisville held a 20-4 edge with points in the paint.

The Cards did steadily build on the lead as the second half
progressed. Deines' three made it 37-24 Louisville three and a half minutes into action. Moore's final three made it 53-35 with 8:58 to go. The 'Lopes outscored Louisville 16-12 the rest of the way. 

First road trip across the Mississippi for the Cards this season. A fired up, resilient opponent that actually shot worse than Louisville (30%) but kept scrapping and got a couple of late threes from GCU's Australian guard Jess Gajewski to make it interesting.

And...after their tenth win of the year... a Cardinal team that has 63 hours to figure out why a 3-7 team held them to less points and a lower shooting percentage than Kentucky did...and develop a plan to not let it happen again against a significantly talented bunch of Bears in Berkeley.


Regular CARDINAL COUPLE reader, contributor, Arizona resident and buddy Greg made the trip to the contest. His observations below:

Hey Paulie,

Not much to add to the ESPN write up which I thought was pretty good.  Decided not to bother you with any texts during the game and interrupt your viewing.  Just a few quick bullets:

- GCU looked good given their personnel.  Scrappy and certainly not intimidated by the Cards.  Quite well coached.  They've got nothing to be embarrassed about that's for sure.  
- They have a really nice facility, state of the art video & graphics and they put on a good show.  They're wanting to be serious players in the roundball world and they're doing all of the right stuff to make that happen.
- This was a good game for their women's program.  Respectable showing against a national power.  Lots of young girl ballers in attendance.

- Our defense looked great at times but then seemed to periodically clear out a side and let them go straight to the basket.  Walz almost lost his mind a couple times.
- We continue to struggle with missed bunnies and free throws were painful again at 55%.
- I like the black uniforms better than the red but I imagine the red is near and dear to the traditional Card fans.
- Not too surprising we didn't have a stellar outing.  Between Cortnee's homecoming and Jeep tours probably the focus isn't what it could have been.
- Hopefully we'll reload and be ready to rock Cal in a few days.

- Tons of Cortnee and Jude love & support.   The arena holds 5000 and although attendance wasn't reported on ESPN I'm guessing there had to be 2000 to 2500 there.  That's something like 5 or 6 times their normal home attendance.
- Most of one side of the arena seemed to be filled with Card fans.  We overheard some of the GCU fans complaining about how their usual seats were occupied with U of L fans by the time they rolled in.  Too Funny.
- The Native American fans were there in big numbers and they Love, Love, Love Jude.  Cool Folks.  They truly appreciate good basketball and are not afraid to show it.

It was a fun night.  I talked Gina into coming with me and after fifteen minutes or so I was reminded of her mosquito-like attention span.  She thought Jude was cute also liked the black uniforms, the videos and dancers.  After fifteen minutes of actually watching the game she slipped into Candy Crush mode on her iPhone so she and the 8 year old GCU fan sitting in front of us were both in heaven for the remainder of the night.  I only lost her once going to the parking garage after the game when she spotted a Native American fan wearing some earrings she liked and had to stop and exchange phone numbers so she didn't miss a jewelry buying opportunity.  I was getting ready to put out an APB but security found her dazed and confused with her jewelry friend and pointed her my way.   Just to be clear this is pretty much a normal day with Gina.

That's pretty much it.  Gina and I are sitting here laughing at this so you can use as much or as little of as you like.   


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will we see Walton? -- Thursday Cardinal Couple

Cortnee Walton could see action against Grand Canyon

The University of Louisville women's basketball team is on a west coast swing the next several days and the first stop is Phoenix, AZ to play Grand Canyon University. 

No steep trails or cliff-hanging finishes expected in this contest...the Antelopes return no starters from last year's 21-9 Western Athletic Conference squad that made the Women's Basketball Invitational post-season tournament.

Currently sitting at 3-6 this season, they did beat Oral Roberts last time out 54-51 on Dec. 11th. Despite shooting less that 25% for the game. This isn't Arizona State or Northern Arizona...they'll most likely pack it up in a zone and try to make Louisville shoot outside for awhile before the Cards fast-break, transition game gets rolling. 

It is a homecoming for junior forward/center Cortnee Walton...she played her high school hoops at St. Mary's Catholic High and was a big part of winning two straight state titles. If the toe will let her go, it'll be Walton's first appearance of the season. Whether Walz will grant her starting privileges or not remains to be seen...our guess here is probably not but we would expect an early off-the-bench entry for her.

Jessica Gajewski leads the "Lopes" in scoring with 11.3 ppg and is the only double figure producer on the squad...Cheyenne Hedrington grabs 7.7 board a game and Courtney Hayes is the thief with a team high 20 steals.

I guess the philosophy here is...if you're going to Berkeley to play Cal...why not pick up a bonus game somewhere along the way and make a road trip of it?  A check of the schedule does show both the men and women's basketball teams at Arizona State, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University all off gym availability wasn't an issue. My guess is they didn't want these Cards...

In any event, it should be a good leg-stretcher for Walz's crew in preparation for Lindsay Gottlieb and the Bears of Berkeley. 

It'll be shown nationwide on Cox Sports Television if you have them as an internet provider. WKRD will have the broadcast locally in Louisville. Game time is 9 p.m. EST.

We've also heard from someone who would definitely know about the live internet stream at:


They list Grand Canyon Arena has having a capacity of
5,000. Wouldn't it be great if was packed for Cortnee and a strong tribal contingent showed up to see Jude?  The 'Lopes average a little less than 400 per home game for chances exist that the Cardinal fans just might equal or surpass GCU rooters in attendance. 

We'll recap it in the Friday edition of Cardinal Couple


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Checking the E-mails (or...Why did I click on that?) -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple


We get e-mails at Cardinal Couple. Oh, yeah...

Although the comments section of our articles gets a fair bit of responses, the e-mails to 
gets plenty of play. Helping me check and reading e-mails is one of Sonja's roles as our operations manager. She ear-marks the ones she thinks I'll want to respond to and handles the rest as needed. I'm not real sure, but I think she's having an on-line affair with Tommie Copper and S.E Davis and Sons. 

I've wondered from time-to-time why e-mails far outweigh comments. Maybe it's because we don't have a message board. Maybe it's because some people don't want their thoughts, comments or observation for viewing in a public forum. Maybe it's because you have to pass a captcha test to leave a comment. Whatever the reason, it's jolly good fun to receive them, comment on them and we really do get some great ideas and article forwards. We appreciate them all. Except the two guys mentioned above and their sons who are engaging in online hanky-panky with my bride.

If I ever catch you guys out in public, I may deliver a knuckle sandwich with the hand bearing my wedding ring (I got a 
great deal on it at S.E Davis...
the Sons weren't around) 
or kick you with my compression sleeved leg. 

Or have "E" post up against you
in the paint.

So, what are the topics of reader e-mail interest these days? The furor of the Kentucky loss is simmering down a bit and that's a good thing. One e-mail I'll share (and these will all be share as 'anonymous') from a concerned fan:

" Doesn't Jeff Walz know how to play a zone? That and inserting Sherrone Vails to block a few shots would have saved that Kentucky game for Louisville." 

We had a few like that in similar vein. We've responded by
commenting that the points in the paint were pretty evenly matched and Louisville had 12 more rebounds that UK. The telling stats? 28 Cards turnovers and UK wins the points off turnovers battle 27-13. 

We've also been getting some comments on UofL's marketing department and a perceived lack of informing fans about promotions. Especially the ugly sweater night. This e-mail sums up a lot of these e-mails we are receiving: 

"Our marketing / promotional 
efforts just are seriously sad My 
friend and I have 4 season tickets / received no notice.  This is 
pretty standard operating 
procedure for those with 
the team.   Have no idea what background these people 
have but why have a promotion that your fans have to seek out to learn they exist? 
UK women's folks could school ours - seriously.

As a fan with 2 season tickets - that rarely even goes to a
game - I am treated well.

I am sent letters, e- mails... For not only basketball eventsbut also for upcoming other women's teams.  
My tickets comes in this nice tear off booklet instead of a mess of stuff held together with a paper clip.   

Some other subjects we've received are:

--  Why does the Kroger Crew get a
 louder fan response
 than the on court action?

--  Why does Sara Hammond do "that silly" pre-game 
introduction sequence?

--  Is Sean Moth married?

--  Why wasn't the Louisville v. Cincinnati series continued?

--  Why doesn't Arica Carter smile more?

--  Does Walz need psychiatric help to help him beat UK? 

--  Why doesn't CARDINAL COUPLE have any women writers?

--  Why does Jeff Walz make so much money?

--  Why don't you change the music on your radio show? 

These are honest-to-God topics 
we've been sent. I think 
they're coming from Tommie Copper and S.E. Davis and his
sons to try and confuse and 
intimidate me...

Obviously, we don't have all the answers and sometimes to speculate and respond to some of these queries isn't our 
cross to bear. They can be entertaining,'s onethat Sonja got a big kick out of:

"Paulie...we like your site and read it often. We see where you sit during games and like watching you during them. 
Just a suggestion...shave your beard off."

( Not going to happen...I grow it each
Doesn't need a beard
 winter & Sonja likes my beard but it is 
nice to know I have a potential stalker 
group out there. Are you the same guys
who were following me around Target the other night? )

Anyway, keep those e-mails coming. I  skim through them 
every morning way before most of you are awake and 
address a couple before getting ready for work.

This especially goes out to you 
insightful and knowledgeable UK fans.
 I never realized how horrible every 
aspect of UofL sports was until you 
pointed it out to me.

We'll break down the Cards next the
Thursday edition of CARDINAL COUPLE. Unless the e-mails 
strongly advise against it...of course.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Cardinal Couple - Jude Found Her Groove

Seven Cards in double figures in 100-46 win

Old Dominion University stepped into the KFC Yum! Center to meet a very motivated Cardinals basketball team, and it showed.

Walz's players hit the century mark Monday night, while holding ODU to under 50.  Unusually for this team, much of the offensive punch came from the 3-point line with the team going 9-14.  Free throws were reasonable at 13-19 (68.4%) and the hustle stats all looked pretty good with 25 assists, 4 blocks and 11 steals, while only turning the ball over 13 times and forcing 17 turn overs on ODU.  An impressive seven players scored in double figures, with an eighth, Shawnta' Dyer making a pretty good run at it with 7 points.

Jude drops a 3
What will probably get most people talking, though, is that Jude Schimmel seemed to find some of her shooting touch at halftime.  After the first half, she was 2-6 shooting and missed the only 3-point shot she took.  In the second half, though, she finally showed us what we all knew she was capable of and didn't miss a single shot.  Jude ended the game 5-9, and 2-3 from 3-point range.  She also chalked up six rebounds, 10 assists (for a double-double), and had two steals. 

Jeff Walz made a point to say that he thought that Jude had been playing generally well in the season thus far, and that she had been contributing in other ways, but it has to be a bit of a relief to put some points on the board as even Jude acknowledged in the post-game that she found it frustrating to not be shooting well.

Also putting on a late-game surge was Megan Deines.  Only playing for three minutes in the first half, and earning no points, she played the last nine minutes of the game, but still hadn't scored until 4:41 when she hit her first shot for a 3.  Still flying under the radar, Deines got a lay-up with less than a minute and a half to play, another 3 pointer with just under a minute to play and a lay-up in the final 30 seconds to reach her 10 point total.

Some other quick stats and thoughts:

  • Emmonnie Henderson hit 4-8, but she is still struggling to find her touch with 2-3 foot shots, particularly when contested.
  • Sara Hammond gets two 3-point shots on her way to 14 total points.
  • Mariya Moore went 3-6 from beyond the arc with yet another good game, 4-9 overall for the team high 15 total points.
  • Louisville outscored ODU 29-6 on points off turnovers, and 52-24 on points in the paint.
The Cards head on the road now for a game at Grand Canyon in Phoenix, Arizona.  As this is a homecoming of sorts for Cortnee Walton, she should get some time on the hardwood there.  While Walton wasn't dressed for the game against ODU, Walz did confirm that they were planning on getting her in the game in her hometown, and then they would evaluate how she was doing in recovering from her broken toe. 

A medical redshirt for her is still a possibility, and would be considered if she would only be ready to play five or six games.

In other injury news, Sydney Brackemyre is apparently continue to recover from her knee surgery well as she was spotted at the ODU game walking without crutches, though not without a little bit of limp.  Syd the Kyd is red-shirting for the year.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

WBB resumes tonight against ODU -- Monday Cardinal Couple


With final exams out of the way, the #10 University of Louisville women's basketball team takes to Denny Crum Court for a Monday 7 p.m. game against the Old Dominion Monarchs.

ODU (5-2) enters tonight's contest on a two-game win streak. They downed Howard 75-52 at home and last time out, they knocked off VCU 66-44 back on Dec. 5th. Louisville will be the third ACC opponent head coach Karen Barefoot's team has faced this season...losing to Duke 82-66 on Nov. 20th. and beating Virginia Tech 69-62 on Nov. 25th.

Jennie Simms leads ODU in scoring (16.9) and is second in rebounds (6.9). Chelsea Painter is also a double figure scorer with 11.0 ppg and grabs 6.4 a game. Destinee Young averages 7.6 rebounds a game and has blocked 14 shots this season. Tiffany Minor is an outside threat...she nailed four of them against VCU. ODU allows a scant 55.0 points a game.

The Monarchs play in Conference USA and were selected to finish sixth in pre-season voting.

For Louisville, it'll be interesting to see how they respond after their first loss of the season and a week to think about it. Myisha Hines-Allen (15.4 ppg) is 10th. in ACC scoring and fellow freshman Mariya Moore contributes 14.0 a contest.

In the series, ODU holds a 3-1 advantage...beating the Cards 69-65 the last time they met -- in Norfolk, VA back on November 26th, 2010.

The Cards hit the road after tonight's game...heading to Grand Canyon College for a Thursday 10 p.m. EST game and then to Cal for a Sunday 5 p.m. matchup. After that, it's the 2014 finale and last non-conference game before ACC play when Louisville hosts Evansville Monday Dec. 29th. @ 7 p.m.


The latest Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is up for listening on the heavenly archived SoundCloud at Crescent Hill Radio. Hoops are the entree and we have a heaping helping of them for you to sample. Our Coach Walz post-game interview last much longer than Coach Pitino's yesterday and see if you can top Worldwide Jeff McAdams on THE WORLDWIDE QUIZ. (We may be the only sports show in Louisville that has two Jeff's providing audio in one hour)

Click the link and away you go! 




Catching up with....ACC Women's Basketball -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

All 15 ACC teams at .500 or better so far

Although there have been no ACC conference matchups as of 12-14-2014, the 15 ACC women's basketball teams have been busy in non-conference games and the ACC has five schools ranked in the top 20 of NCAA D1 Women's basketball. #5 Notre Dame, #6 UNC, #10 Louisville #13 Duke and #20 Syracuse lead the way in rankings. 

Let's look at how the Atlantic Coast Conference schools are doing so far. 

North Carolina

At 8-0, the Tarheels are the lone unbeaten team left in the ACC. Quality wins over Stanford 70-54 and Rutgers 96-93 standout. Player of note:  Allisha Gray poured in 29 against the Scarlet Knights. 

Notre Dame

Muffet McGraw's Irish are 10-1, the lone loss to Connecticut. They won a squeaker against DePaul in extra minutes 94-93 and handled Maryland with surprising ease 92-72. Player of note: Jewel Loyd tallied 41 against DePaul.

Florida State

The Seminoles stand at 8-1 and own victories over Purdue 67-64 and Florida 77-51. Their lone loss was to Washington. Player of Note: Ex Kentucky star Maegan Conwright is enjoying the Tallahassee climate with 14.3 ppg. 


The Cards are flying high at 8-1, falling only to Kentucky. Quality wins over Iowa 86-52 and Western Kentucky 89-69 at home have been confidence builders. Player of note: Bria Smith had a triple-double against WKU. 


"Q" has the Orange rolling at 6-1...a four-point loss to #1 South Carolina in the Bahamas the only blemish. They've handled Penn State 61-39 and East Carolina 69-58. Players of note: 6'4" twins Bria and Briana Day are bookend boards ballers.


The southernmost ACC school stands at 7-2 and looked impressive in wins over Tulsa 69-57 and Wisconsin 66-54. Player of note: Guard Adrienne Motley is one of several Hurricanes good for double figures on any given night. 


The Cavs are 6-2 so far and own the state of Ohio with victories over Ohio St. 87-82 and Xavier 71-62. Player of Note: Former Kentucky Miss Basketball Sara Beth Barnette transferred in from UK and has added rebounding depth for Joanne Boyle.

North Carolina State

7-3 so far for the Wolfpack...who trounced Texas Tech 75-42 and prevailed over Charlotte 70-63. Player of note: Guard Len'Nique Brown-Hoskin is a legit three-point threat...having knocked down six of them last time out. 

Wake Forest

The Demon Deacons sit at 6-3 but have taken it on the chin against Michigan 83-69 and Arizona 72-69. Player of note: 6'3" post Dearica Hamby is averaging a double-double with 22.9 ppg and 10.6 rebounds. 


Coach Joanne P.'s Devils have had ups and downs at 5-3. Losses to #1 South Carolina 51-50 and #7 Texas A&M 63-59 are understandable. Player of note: Former Miss Kentucky Basketball Rebecca Greenwell has recovered nicely from knee surgery. 


Signs of life in the Peterson Event Center for 5-3 Pitt with wins against Michigan 83-54 and Ohio State 78-74. Player of Note: Briana Kiesel is a do-everything star for the Panthers. "Bubbles" Anderson, a 6'11" post, is out with an ACL injury.

Virginia Tech

6-4 for the Hokies so far...losses to Florida 73-44 and Northwestern 70-45 raises an eyebrow. Player of Note: Freshman guard Rachel Camp leads the team with 16.6 ppg for head coach Dennis Wolff.

Boston College

The Eagles are off to a 5-4 beginning. No shame in losing to Stanford 96-63 to start the season. A 76-67 loss to IU does raise some questions. Players of note: Guard Nicole Boudreau is a long range bomber...leading scorer Kelly Hughes is a Megan Deines look-alike.

Georgia Tech

The Atlanta school reports in at 5-4. The Big 10 has been unkind to the Yellow Jackets...losses to Minnesota 72-69 and Michigan State 79-73. Player of note: Sophomore guard and former Louisville target Kaela Davis gets 18.4 a game.


A 5-5 beginning for the Tigers. Rough outings against South Carolina 91-44 and Middle Tennessee 69-28. Head coach Audra Smith has all-around guard Nikki Dixon but not much else to go with her. 


The latest broadcast of Cardinal Couple Radio is up on the heavenly Soundcloud now for you to give a listen to. We review the UofL WBB game against UK and also look at softball and much more! See if you can beat Jeff in the WORLDWIDE QUIZ.  You can access it at:


Also, check out an article about Crescent Hill Radio, our mothership, from LEO the link below



Saturday, December 13, 2014

A slow week for LOUISVILLE Women's Sports -- Saturday Cardinal Couple

After WBB loss to UK..a void of reporting

It's a period where not a whole lot is happening with UofL women's sports.

"What you do mean there was no Thursday
Thursday this week?" 
No postseason activity to follow for the fall sports. With Field Hockey, Soccer and Volleyball done for the off until Monday and Softball and Lacrosse a couple of months away -we're in a temporary void.

It happens.

So, let's look at our three favorite moments of Cardinal sports so far in the 2014-2015 season.

In no particular ranking:

-- Field Hockey takes down UNC

It was pure joy and pandemonium. Justine Sowry's stick-
swingers bring in #1 UNCand beat them in the Trager. To see the excitement and the pride in winning this games is something we'll never forget here at Cardinal Couple. The pride and accomplishment in those young women's faces. Justine Sowry and crew took on the challenge of moving to the best conference in NCAA Field Hockey and slayed the giant. Well done....Flock.

-- Duke defeated

Another tip of the cap to Field Hockey for their win over #4 Duke. This one signified that the win over UNC eight days earlier was no fluke or one-in-a-million shot. It was also sweet in the student-defeats-teacher factor...Justine Sowry was a Pam Bustin assistant before going to run the UMass Field Hockey squad. When Bustin left for "the big time"...Duke and the ACC...Sowry was summoned to run the Cards. Well, guess what? Louisville joined the ACC and Sowry beat Bustin. Not bad...not bad at all. 

-- Still owning Iowa

A Iowa team with all kinds of motivation to take it to
Louisville in WBB came into the KFC YUM! Center and ran into the immovable object. Jeff Walz's crew turned it their best performance so far of the season in showing that the March throw-down against a BIG 10 heavyweight was not a fluke. I'd like to see that team that blinded the Hawkeyes show up in ACC play.


We'll be doing radio today @ 11 a.m. on WCHQ 100.9 FM and streaming live on internet @

Louisville women's basketball remains the hot topic this time of year...but we'll also take a look ahead to softball and lacrosse. They aren't that far away. Jeff will attempt to better his 85% on The Worldwide Quiz never know...Don Paulie and Kenny K. Keith just may drop in.

It's radio that you can probably live without...but why deny yourself of the special things in life? We're pretty special and our mamas love hop in, hang on, turn up the volume and spend an hour with Worldwide and Paulie.