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Friday, July 3, 2015

Women's Golf Announces Schedule -- Friday Cardinal Couple


Florida, Puerto Rico...California?

Yes, please!

The Louisville women's golf schedule has been released and in our continuous effort to provide our readers the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports....we are pleased to reveal this schedule to you.

(I might also add that if the women's golf team ever wants a dedicated reporter to cover away matches...I'd be willing to serve...all expenses covered, of course...).

The women's golf team at UofL participates in both fall and spring sports. They are one of several programs who have a fall and spring schedule. You could say that golf has a winter schedule, too...since they have matches scheduled in January and February. Fortunately, these are in Florida and Puerto Rico and not in Louisville or Buffalo. 

They'll open the fall portion of their schedule at the Highlands Golf Course at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Atlanta, GA. on Sept, the Fall Kickoff. This Robert Trent Jones designed course is challenging and there is no lack of sand available to avoid. 

(I could be persuaded to hang around after Louisville Football's opening game against Auburn in Atlanta. Just sayin')

We're pretty sure the Mason Rudolph Championship isn't
named in honor of the Oklahoma State quarterback. 
After that...Trimble's trap artists head to Franklin, TN for the Mason Rudolph Championship Sept. 18-20th. (Tennessee is beautiful that time of year...I'd be willing to help line up putts and distances-to-the-green).

 The Tar Heel Invitational follows in Chapel Hill, NC Oct 9-11th. The football Cards play N.C State Oct 3rd. in Raleigh. I could be persuaded to stick around...

The Cards return home to host the annual Cardinal Cup from Oct 19th.-20th. They're bringing in Florida State, Illinois, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin. This is some very competitive golf. It could be fun to watch in Simpsonville. 

great things down the road for Louisville Women's golf.
The Spring 2016 schedule has trips to Florida, Puerto Rico, Miami, California and Greensboro. We'll get into those when they roll around next year. (I can make myself available to ride around in a golf cart and cover these...if needed).

The University of Louisville women's golf program has a long and storied tradition of having excellent student-athletes in their program. They have a current roster of some incredible players. With their association with the ACC, they will continue to have access to "the best of the best".

Louisville has a dedicated and energetic Athletic Director in Tom Jurich that will continue to encourage and create opportunities for this program to grow, achieve and prosper. We are the best college sports town and program in the NCAA. Louisville is what the others want to be. 

Courtney Trimble and Mary Bryan have made Louisville women's golf relevant and competitive again. We look forward to their successes.  


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Laura Terry lands a new gig...An All-time UK team...--Thursday Cardinal Couple


We all remember Laura Terry. The tough-as-nails UofL WBB student-athlete who played three years for the Cards before injuries sent her to the sidelines. A lock-down defender. A career 52% shooter. An integral part of the 2008-09 squad that went to the NCAA Championship game. Stayed on for an additional two years as a student-assistant for Coach Walz before going to join Michelle Clark-Heard as a graduate assistant at WKU. 

WKU led to an assistant coaching at Weber State...where she was reunited with head coach (and former Louisville assistant Bethann Ord. After a year at WSU with responsibilities of on-court coaching and recruiting, scouting, player development, and community service initiatives...she has rejoined the coach who recruited her to play at Louisville. Coach "Z"...Zenarae Antoine.

Terry is a whiz at working with post players. At WSU she worked with Jalen Carpenter who led the team in scoring and rebounding. Another post player, Zakiyyah Shahid-Martin was nominated for the NSCA All-American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year. 

Fifth year Texas State head coach Zenarae Antoine. Coach Z was an assistant at Louisville and Arkansas before taking the job in San Marcos, TX in 2011.  

Laura talks about the change in venue:

" I'm blessed to join Coach Z and her staff. I feel as though it will be a great environment to grow as a coach, as well as a person. Since she has been at the helm, she has done a tremendous job at building a culture focused on winning championships and I look forward to helping her continue to bring success to the program."

I'll always remember Laura for her defensive play against Rutgers in the 2009 Big East Tournament. She tracked down an errant pass and made sure the Scarlet Knights didn't gain possession at the end of regulation to force an overtime in a game that Louisville eventually won in two overtimes...87-82.

If Rutgers gets that loose ball, it is a layup and Louisville loses in the first round. Terry makes the play and the Cards force the O.T. and go on to win. They advance to the final game of the Tournament after beating Pitt to lose to UConn. A 34-5 record in 2008-08 with three losses to Geno.

Do you remember the other two teams that beat Louisville that season? We'll put the answer at the end of today's article....

Hard work and dedication...great words to describe the Ironton, OH (Rose Hill Academy) native. Another branch of the Jeff Walz player tree that has gone on to mentor others. 

Get it done in the Lone Star state, #24 and congratulations! We wish you the best of success...even if you're a "Wildcat" coach again.



Patty Jo Hedges
We recently ran a poll here where we asked you to pick the All-Time Top Eight WBB players at UofL. There is still debate about the final selections among a few of our readers. The polls have spoken. 

I asked Lexington-Herald sportswriter Jennifer Smith if she would be interested in coming up with an All-Time Top Eight UK WBB list. The affable UK beat writer responded to the request and asked her Twitter followers for suggestions.

Jen sent me this squad:

Valerie Still, Victoria Dunlap, A'dia Mathies, Patty Jo Hedges, Lea Wise Prewitt, Stacey Reed, Tiffany Wait and Leslie Nichols. 

They would appear to have a decided rebounding advantage over Angel, Shoni, Jazz, Asia, Valerie, Nell, Mo and Candyce. Who do you think would win this game, though?

I suppose the stats and such could be downloaded into  a computer and a simulation game could be created. 

I'm going to suggest we don't pick Walz and Mitchell to coach, though. For obvious reasons. How about Calipari and Pitino? Or Petrino and Stoops? Or Oscar Combs and Howie Linsdey? Or Laura Terry and Mickie DeMoss? Geno and "Q"?




Wednesday, July 1, 2015

USA U 19 Team Prepares to Defend World Championship Title -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple


Jeff Walz made the trip to Colorado Springs, CO a couple of days ago with one less Cardinal than originally expected...but the USA U 19 Women's basketball squad still looks to be a powerful force in the World Championships. 

Asia Durr, sidelined with a muscle injury, will not participate in the practices leading up to the trip to Spain and Russia or make the trip. She has been replaced on the roster by talented Ali Patberg...who will be a freshman at Notre Dame this fall. Durr also missed the 3x3 World Championships because of the injury and was replaced by Elizabethtown, KY star and Notre Dame commit Erin Boley. 

A groin injury can be painful but is generally not recurrent once properly healed. Get well for your freshman campaign at Louisville, Asia! This also goes to show what we've always takes two Notre Dame recruits to fill in for one Louisville recruit.

(Get ready for the e-mails on that non-sequitur, Paulie and be sure to check back in tomorrow when Dr. Paulie discusses stubbed pinkies.)  

Mariya Moore is back for the U19 Squad and the Richmond, CA. native led Louisville in scoring as a freshman. She'll be looked to for leadership on a team that has six players who played D1 ball last season and six hoopsters that will play their first college season later this fall.

A'ja Wilson (South Carolina), Shakayla Thomas (FSU), Chatrice White (Illinois), Azura Stevens (Duke) and Gabbi Ortiz (Oklahoma) make up the part of the roster that has collegiate experience. Joining them are Patberg, Lauren Cox, Kristine Anigwe, Napheesa Collier, Katie Lou Samuelson and Crystal Dangerfield.

Dawn Staley, head coach of the squad is excited for the re-gathering...the squad had a 5 p.m. (MST) practice yesterday and will have practices twice a day the next three days at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Walz and University of Michigan head WBB coach Kim Barens Arico are assistants on the USA squad.

Staley on Durr and the addition of Patberg:

"Anytime a team loses someone like Asia Durr, someone who has had a lot of success in USA Basketball, it leaves a pretty big void. But, our country has the best players in the world and in adding Patberg to the team...we'll be just fine." 

The USA squad will depart for Spain and Russia on July 8th.



How about that USA Women's Soccer World Cup team's win over Germany 2-0 last night! Another shutout for the Americans...who haven't been scored on in about one million minutes of play.

After a scoreless first half, the USA girls survived a missed penalty kick by Germany in the second half and then was able to capitalize on their own penalty kick with a score by Carli Lloyd. Lloyd also had the assist that allowed reserve forward Kelly O'Hara to score later in the half. 

A bit of controversy on the ruling that allowed Lloyd to attempt the go-ahead shot for USA. No doubt about O'Hara's score, though. No officials' replay or review exists in World Cup action. 

USA awaits the winner of England and Japan tonight to see who they'll face in Sunday's title game.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Cardinal Couple - Preaching to the Choir

No Respect

We here at Cardinal Couple obviously don't hide our disdain for people who dismiss women's sports out of hand.  You would think this isn't an issue that we would need to raise very often...certainly no one would be crass enough to flat reject all women's sports without any subtlety, and yet, it happens...on a regular basis.

I could probably write my Cardinal Couple contribution every week by pointing out examples of this, but ultimately, to advance our mission to share the joy and excitement of UofL Women's Sports, we can't merely point out when people express rampant, overt sexism in dealing with women athletes.  We have to show what's great about the sports as played by amazing athletes.

Occasionally, however, I feel we need to circle back to revisit just how disgusting the overt sexism towards women's athletics can be.

About a week ago, Mark Mravic tweeted a short video of a great goal in one of England's Women's World Cup games.

As you can see, he alluded to the belief of another sportswriter, Andy Benoit  who apparently is on record as saying that women's soccer isn't worth watching.

Benoit tweeted, in response, in a tweet that has since been deleted, "Not women's soccer......women's sports in general not worth watching."

Benoit later apologized in a series of tweets, but not before Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler put together this throwback to their Saturday Night Live days on Late Night with Seth Meyer's.  (This is from a post prime-time show, so some minor language is used.)

Why do so many people, particularly sports fans, feel the need to so vehemently put down women's athletics?  The usual arguments are hypocritical at best, and completely nonsensical at worst.

"It's not athletic enough."  -  Then you should be watching track and field, not football.
"It's not exciting enough." - But you'll sit through hours of talking heads for the NBA and NFL drafts, not to mention the many talking head sports news shows that are on daily.

Gimme a break.

I'm gonna call it, if you can see your way to react as Andy Benoit did, even if you got "carried away" (insert epic side-eye here), then you're sexist.  If you can dismiss all women's athletics with a single tweet, then you're not even giving it a real thought, and I have to question how much stock I should put into anything you say.  Is it offered with the same vapidity that your tweet casting aspersions on all women's athletics was?  Did you put just as much depth of thought into your NFL analysis that you did the Women's World Cup?

Of course, as I alluded to in the title, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, here.  If you're here, reading this on Cardinal Couple, you've already gone far above and beyond the level of a typical college sports fan to learn about and support your UofL women's athletics teams.  We here at Cardinal Couple thank you for that, and while I can't speak for the UofL athletic department formally, I think we can be pretty sure they appreciate it as well.

Keep up the good work.  Go out there and share the joy and excitement of UofL women's athletics, and bring a friend to a game/match/meet/round/race/regatta and let them see, first hand, what the excitement is all about.

Miss USA TV in Limbo

Well, The Don has gone and done it again.

No, not Don Paulie, Donald Trump.

During his announcement for candidacy for the Republic nomination for the office of President of the United States, Donald Trump made some comments that were considered hostile towards Mexicans and Latinos in general.  The fallout of those comments caused Univision to refuse to air the Miss USA pageant, and several days later, Miss USA co-owner NBC Universal, has followed suit.

On the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour the past couple of weeks, I was unsure of television coverage, and posited that it might be on Fox.  I suppose there is a possibility that it still could be.  With NBC Universal not showing it, where it will be shown on TV in the US, and even if it will be on TV is in some doubt at this point.

Of course, our own Katie George of the UofL Volleyball team is Kentucky's entrant into the pageant, so this is of more than a little interest to many UofL women's athletics fans, including myself.  We'll update as this story unfolds.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Your top eight UofL WBB players of all time -- Monday Cardinal Couple


We have been running a poll in June here at CARDINAL COUPLE to see who your All-Time, top eight UofL WBB players are. We chose the number eight because felt that most great teams always had a few backups that could come in off the bench and give a championship team a spark. 

Here are your results. We have listed the years the player played and the percentage of votes they received also.

1. (tie) Shoni Schimmel (2010-14)  100% 
1. (tie) Angel McCoughtry (2005-2009) 100%
3. Jazz Covington (2003-07) 80%
4. Candyce Bingham (2007-09) 77%
5. Monique Reid (2008-13) 66%
6. Nell Knox  (1990-93)  62% 
7. Valerie Owens (1977-80) 48%
8. Asia Taylor (2009-14) 34%

Just missing was Antonita Slaughter (2010-14) with 32%.

A good mix of players are represented here. Five of the eight got drafted by the WNBA and two are still playing in the league. Five of the top eight played in a National Championship game. The top four scorers in UofL WBB history are represented in the list. 

Since there was a tie for top vote grabber...I suppose the question still remains on who was the best WBB player at Louisville of all time? 

Both Shoni and Angel were unique in what they did here in their four years. I did a very unofficial polling yesterday of five people I know and asked them who they thought was #1. 

Angel won....4-1.  

Thanks for taking part in the poll! Let us know what you think of this "Great Eight". How would it do in a fictitious game against a great eight from Kentucky? Or UConn or Notre Dame? How many on this Louisville great eight would make an All-Time great eight of NCAA WBB players since 1975? 

And....should we do it again in 2018 or 2019 once the college careers of a few current UofL WBB players has ended? 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Henderson finished 14th in USATF Outdoor Championships -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


Emmonnie Henderson returned to the site of her personal best discus toss...Hayward Field...on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. Although she wasn't able to duplicate her 58.34m (191-5) from two weeks ago, she finished 14th. overall with a toss of 54.39m (178-5).

To put that into would be the equivalent of her standing on the baseline in Cardinal Arena and sending the discus over to softball's Ulmer Stadium.

Henderson's throw was only 1.88 meters from getting her a top ten finish. Gia Lewis-Smallwood won the event with a hurl of 63.09m (207-0).

Henderson finished sixth out of the eight college student-athletes who participated. Shelbi Vaughn (Texas A&M) was good for a 60.76m (199-4)....which was the third best overall throw.

Congratulations to "E" and remember...she has two more years of eligibility in track (and hoops)! 

( Let me just throw this out there...that's nothing to toss around lightly...)


Our Saturday Radio Show that broadcasts on WCHQ 100.9 FM and on line at should be available on the SoundCloud later today. We had a great discussion on women's sports, WorldWide destroyed the Quiz by getting a 110% and the show featured a lively debate on the new UofL football helmets.

Sonja says Jeff won the debate. I think I barely edged him out. 

You decide. Link below.



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Henderson competes today in USATF Championships -- Saturday Cardinal Couple


Emmonnie Henderson will compete in the USATF Discus finals today in Eugene, OR. She is one of 19 athletes who qualified and has declared for the US Championships. The event is one of 20 that are part of the women's division in this 4 day affair which also includes the men's division. 

She has her work cut out for her.

There are 10 college athletes, 6 club or other affiliated participants and 4 unattached entries that had tosses of over 56.55 meters during the season. 

Henderson's best is a 57.54...which she achieved in her third place finish in the NCAA Finals. That ranks her 15th. on the competition list in Eugene. Atop the competition roster is Gia Lewis-Smallwood (Nike/New York Athletic Club) who comes in with a 69.17. Shelbi Vaughan (Texas A&M) who won NCAA Championships is  almost five meters back with a 64.52. 

Kelsey Card and Tera Novy, who Henderson threw against in the NCAA Championships, are also entered. Former Louisville record-holder in the discus Jere Summers attempted to qualify for the event as an independent but her season best toss of 56.09 fell just short of the qualifying distance.

The discus is scheduled for around 12:30 p.m. Pacific Coast Time (3:30 pm here).

"E" shocked the college world two weeks ago in Eugene when she finished third after being ranked 24th. out of 24 participants. 

We hope she has another personal best in her today.



If the Louisville WBB squad makes the Final Four in 2016...(and we see no reason why they shouldn't) the NCAA has extended the program to provide player's families travel expenses to see their daughters or sister compete. 

Here's how it worked in 2015:

The NCAA will pay up to $3,000 total in travel, ticket and meal expenses for family members of each student-athlete who competes in the Final Four semifinal games but doesn't advance to the championship game. The NCAA will pay up to $4,000 in expenses for each student-athlete's family who competes in the championship game. 

Schools will decide how and when to distribute funds to family members and be responsible for making sure the funds are used as intended. 

This allowance is meant to cover transportation, hotel and meals for two family members per player and there are no requirements on how far a family has to travel to receive the allowance. There are no requirement on what mode of transportation they use.

With the Final Four for WBB in Indianapolis this would appear that Mariya Moore's family (Berkeley. CA) would have the furthest distance to travel (2275 miles) Arica Carter's family would have 2068 travel miles (from Los Angeles, CA). Syd the Kid's kin would have a 116 mile trip. 

(Oh, goes Paulie on another
nonsensical rant...) 
The key words in the expense reimbursement profile are "up to" (when dollar distribution is mentioned) and "there are no requirements on how far a family has to travel to receive the allowance".

Does Syd's travelers get the same amount as Mariya's? 

It is also states that the school decides how and when to distribute the allowance. When I was a kid, my parent's would sometimes not pay my allowance if I had been "bad" 
during the week. 

As with all NCAA documentation, there is enough "grey area" and "wiggle room" here to make a contract lawyer do the Hootchie-Coo across a court room floor. 

Money. It's a crime. 
(Pink Floyd -- Dark Side of the Moon) 



We're doing radio today at 11 AM on 100.9 FM WCHQ and streamed live on the Internet at:

As of 8:48 AM...I have no clue on what Worldwide and I will discuss. Sam the Dry Weather Intern is on special assignment and won't be with us.

Maybe we'll talk about him?

It should be interesting. See you on the radio.